10 Movies For Valentine’s Day

A little after the fact, but in response to my previous post, here are 10 movies that would make for good viewing on a day like Valentine’s Day.

10. Away We Go – 2009 – I put two of Sam Mendes’ films in the top 10 list of anti-Valentine’s Day movies, so it’s only fair that I put this movie in the list.  This was as much of a 180 from Revolutionary Road as a movie can possibly be.  A couple, expecting their first child, goes on a trip in search of the perfect place to start their family.  It’s a great example of two people forging their way and finding “home.”  I think the relationship between the two characters is one of the most genuine I’ve seen in a movie.  I love the small stuff between them.

9. Priceless – 2006 – A bartender who is mistaken for a rich man by a gold digger who seduces him, tries to win her heart by beating her at her own game.  Audrey Tautou looks absolutely beautiful in this movie.

8. Before Sunrise/Before Sunset – 1995, 2004 – A man and a woman meet on a train and have one magical night in Paris.  Then, nine years later, they meet again.  I cheated, because this is two movies, but it deserves to be seen as a double billing. 

7. Sabrina – 1954 – Some people will cite Roman Holiday or Breakfast at Tiffany’s as their essential romantic movie starring Audrey Hepburn, but I’d go with Sabrina, even if the age difference between Bogart and Hepburn is a bit awkward.

6. Pride & Prejudice – 2005 – Keira Knightley, nuff said.  Not enough?  Fine.  It’s endearing to watch two people slowly realize they actually love each other instead of disliking one another.

5. Amelie – 2001 – The movie that made an international star out of Audrey Tautou; playing a woman who helps others around her discover love and happiness and undertakes her own adventure to find the love of her life.

4. Stardust – 2007 – A young man ventures into a magical realm to retrieve a fallen star for a girl.  The star turns out to be a woman, and they fall in love over the course of this fantasy adventure.  This film totally surprised me with how good it was.  Felt like this generations version of the next movie…

3. The Princess Bride – 1987 – Westley, Buttercup, Fezzik, Inigo Montoya and others inhabit this classic fairy tale story of true love.

2. Beauty & the Beast – 1991 – A tale as old as time, according to Angela Lansbury.  Belle, lovely young daughter of an imprisoned father to a beastly creature, offers herself in place of her father’s freedom.  As she lives in the castle with the Beast, they fall in love, and he hopes she can break the curse on him. 

1. Wall-E – 2008 – Wall-E is a robot who is left on the planet after human have left Earth because it was too polluted.  His job is to clean up, but Wall-E also collects old trinkets and things in the course of his duties.  When a mysterious new robot, EVE, shows up, Wall-E swoons and his world is turned upside down.


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