Best of 2010: Movies

Here is my list of favorite movies from 2010.  This is a highly subjective list because there are still a lot of movies that were released in 2010 that I am still waiting to see, including:
True Grit
Tron: Legacy
The Fighter
Black Swan
Despicable Me
Let Me In
127 Hours
The King’s Speech

And while I’m still waiting to see those movies ands more, here are a few honorable mentions:
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1; Iron Man 2; Dinner for Schmucks; The Other Guys; The Book of Eli; Red; Unstoppable; Predators; Hot Tub Time Machine; Edge of Darkness; The Last Exorcism; The American

10. Easy A – One of the better teen comedies that I’ve seen recently.  Emma Stone finally gets the breakout role that she deserves. 

9. Shutter Island – Scorcese and DiCaprio make good movies together.  And this was a well-crafted thriller that kept you guessing. 

8. Winter’s Bone – A gritty look at a teenage girl trying to find her drug-dealing dad so he can show up for his court date while trying to deal with family troubles in the deep, deep south.  Jennifer Lawrence deserves an Oscar nomination for this movie.  And maybe John Hawkes too.

7. The Ghost Writer – As troublesome as his offscreen issues were in 2010, at least Roman Polanski can take comfort in the fact that The Ghost Writer is a really, really good thriller.

6. Kick-Ass – One of the movies I had the most fun watching this year.  They even made Nic Cage work, in a really entertaining way.  Chloe Moretz is going to be a star.  Hit Girl is awesome.

5. The Town – I think it is safe to say that Ben Affleck has sufficiently rehabbed his image.  And this movie helped solidify 2010 as the year of Jon Hamm.

4. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World – Again, a very fun movie.  Edgar Wright just knows how to make things work on screen.  The movie played like a video game (love the boss battles and the coins). 

3. The Social Network – Great director, script, and cast.  When someone makes you despise them on screen as well as Jesse Eisenberg does as Mark Zuckerberg, and also makes you consider deleting your Facebook account, you have to give them credit.

2. Toy Story 3 – Again, Pixar can pretty much do no wrong.  What a great way to send off Woody and Buzz and the rest.  And a very good story considering how difficult it can be to make a third movie in a franchise so long after the first two. 

1. Inception – Hands down the movie of the year in my book.  Christopher Nolan is the premiere director right now; a man at the peak of his powers.  The story that he weaves with this cast is spectacular.  And the fact that it is working on so many levels and leaves you with a great ending made it the most talked about movie of the year. 


One thought on “Best of 2010: Movies

  1. Maggie says:

    Moose. Why have I not been following this blog? This is unacceptable!

    Give me some time to catch up.

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