Will You Take Me Back?

Hello again, blogosphere.  I’ve been away for a while.  My name is Ken.  I missed seeing you on a regular basis.  I know that we haven’t been on speaking terms much these last two years or so, but I remember the good old days from 2003-2008.  I know we started to lose touch a bit later on in 2008.  And we seemed to drift apart and go our own seperate ways in 2009 and fr the first half of this year.

But I wanted to let you know that I want to give it another try.  I want to make it work.  I want you to know that I’ve changed.  And to prove it, here I am at a whole new blogging site.  A lot of the content may be the same, but that is who I am, but it’s also what made us great together.  I hope we can do it again.


3 thoughts on “Will You Take Me Back?

  1. amyruthj says:

    I believe in you, Moose. You and the blogosphere make a beautiful couple – I know you can make it work!

  2. Forrest says:

    Hey Ken! I hear you … I went back and looked at my Xanga account from the early-mid 2000s. Interesting stuff there looking at some of my commentary from when I was in the service–so I thought it’d be nice to document my doctoral school experiences. Do you have any particular bent you’ll be following with this blog or will it be a “come what may” approach?

  3. moosekgj says:

    Come what may. I like taking a broad appraoch to things like this.

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